Running through a Pandemic

It is remarkable how much day-to-day life has changed since the world went into lockdown into response to the COVID-19 pandemic. And while some state, county, and city governments have begun the gradual re-opening of businesses, we are still in a time of great uncertainty. Our favorite climbing gyms, yoga classes, and sports complexes feel like bygone places, viewed with wistful, wary eyes. Hence the rise of running; the return to bipedality in its original form. It seems a bit peculiar to think that so many of us have chosen to bypass this innate ability to pursue other means of exercise. Despite this, we now have the opportunity to return to roots and run through this pandemic, together (in spirit). If you choose to join in on the fun, consider the following tips:

1. Run during the day or in a well-lit area. This will keep you safe and also decrease your chances of injury due to lack of visibility. An alternative is to run with a headlamp.

2. If running with a friend, maintain a safe distance of at least six feet. Social distancing still applies!

3. Pick a motivating podcast, audiobook, or playlist to keep you moving. Here is one of my favorites for when I pound the pavement.

4. Track your runs. Apps like MapMyRun, Fitbit, and others can provide you with information regarding distance, pace, caloric expenditure, elevation gain, and cadence, all of which can be used to measure improvement over time.

5. Mix it up. You have an abundance of options – so consider changing up your routine and going a different way the next time you go out for a jaunt.

P.S. Furry friends make great running partners! I borrowed Marley (featured in the photo) when I ran the trails in Round Valley this past weekend.

Enjoy your run and stay safe out there!


Originally published May 5, 2020